Worship is all about honoring and loving God.  We worship God through singing, giving, reading Scripture, praying, and loving others. We worship God with our minds and emotions.  While it is possible to worship God in private, there is something special about worshiping with others.  Our Sunday worship services feature lively music, meaningful prayer, and practical, Bible-based messages.

One of the best ways to worship God is through music. The Bible gives many examples of people using a variety of instruments in addition to their voices, to give praise to God.  We prefer to use a style of music that the people in our community are accustomed to, similar to what they hear on the radio.  Our style can best be described as a combination of adult-contemporary and acoustic rock music.  Our worship band includes singers, guitars, bass, keyboard and drums.

Since worship is all about focusing on God, every worship service at New Vision includes a time of quiet, reverent, prayer.  The pastor may lead the prayer, but we encourage everyone to pray silently with him.

Worship services also include a teaching time.  We believe that Bible is the primary and final source of authority for our beliefs and lifestyle; therefore we read it, study it, and live it!  Every message is based in the Bible.  Sometimes we use one passage; sometimes we use many.  But truth is not just believed- it is also practiced in real life.  Every message includes one or more ways to apply God’s truth to our lives in the coming week.  For a description of our current message series, see below.  We’ve also included a link to our Podcasts page where you can listen to previous messages or download mp3 files.

“What about my children?” you might ask? We love children and encourage them to worship with us. However, we do ask that parents keep their children from talking or distracting others. We have a nursery for infants and toddlers, staffed with background-checked volunteers ready to care your children during our worship service. We also have Kids’ Church for pre-schoolers through sixth graders every Sunday during the second half of our worship service.

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