Tell Me the Story is a narrative children’s curriculum that is designed to bring Old and New Testament stories to life for children ages 3-5. The kit includes 26 units for you to journey through the New Testament. Each unit consists of two weeks’ worth of activities including multiple ways to experience the Bible Story, reflection questions designed to get kids wondering about the story, and activities to help with welcoming children into the classroom, remembering the stories you’ve recently talked about, and responding to the story.

You can drop off your child/children at the nursery ten minutes prior to service. We ask that you pick your child/children up within ten minutes after service.

Kids Church (Kindergarten through 4th grade)

Every Sunday, just before Pastor’s message, we invite the kids to go to Kids’ Church, where they can hear about Jesus in terms they can understand and through activities they can appreciate.

Epic Kidz Church

Epic: God’s Story Through the Ages is a chronological curriculum designed to help you take kids on a journey through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. There is a common thread that runs through the whole of Scripture, the epic story of God and His relationship with the people He loves. Epic curriculum brings the biblical narrative to life, helping kids find their own place in God’s amazing story! Imagine what might happen if kids began to live into the narrative.

5th & 6th Grade Class

We recognize our older elementary age students are capable of deeper exploration of the bible and discussion of what that biblical truth might look like in their everyday lives. The 5th & 6th Grade class follows along with the Epic Curriculum two thirds of the year. The other third of the year they learn the My Faith Curriculum.

Protecting Minors and Preventing Sexual Misconduct

All of our Children and Youth Workers have been screened through a screening and training process called Nazarene Safe.

  • Waiting Period
  • Ministry Application
  • Reference and Criminal Background Check
  • Safety Training
  • Annual Training and Review

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