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In Kid’s Church, starting September 4th, Pastor Catie will be leading the children in a learning series about trusting in God. The lessons come from the story of Joseph in the Old Testament book of Genesis. Here’s what the kids will be learning this month-

This week we will learn to trust in God. In our lesson this week we start to learn about Joseph’s life. We learn that he was the favorite and he ended up getting thrown into a well. Even though he was in the well he trusted God. When you think your alone, you can trust God is with you.

This week we will learn that when life doesn’t make sense, you can trust God is with you. Joseph is accused of something he didn’t do and finds himself in prison. Joseph still trusted God, and God was with him. While he’s in prison, Joseph meets pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker, who both end up having dreams they don’t understand.

This week we will learn that when the pressure is on, you can trust God is with you. Pharaoh ended up putting Joseph in charge of the entire project. Joseph could have been worried and decided that the task was too difficult, but instead he trusted God and God was faithful.

This week we will learn that you can trust God no matter what. Joseph forgives his brothers for how they treated him. Throughout his entire life, Joseph trusted God and realized that what his brothers intended for harm, God intended for good to help preserve their family.