Living Proof: Beth Moore Simulcast

September 15, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at New Vision Church

All women and teen girls are invited to join us for a time of fun, worship and Bible study.  Beth Moore will be bringing a message of hope and understanding for women of all ages. Discussion times will help us apply the information to our individual situations.  Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided.  Feel free to bring a dessert to share.

Cost is $10.00 per person (will help cover the cost of the Simulcast fees). Invite as many friends as you would like, the more the merrier. Sign up Sundays in the Church Lobby or contact the church office by phone (816.348.0303) or by email:


Freedom Sunday, Sept. 24th, 10 a.m.

Sept 24th is Freedom Sunday. Please join us as we begin the conversation on how we as a community of Faith can help in the ending of Human Slavery. We will be having a brunch at 10:00 am in our worship center. We will also be having speakers talk about ways that we can join the fight; Trades of Hope and Free the Girls will be sharing information with us in regards to helping those who are caught in Human Trafficking to be able to earn a fair wage and get out of the bondage to others. Pastor Casey will then bring a message on what our response as Christians should be and what steps we can take in our community and around the worlds to help free those who are bound in slavery. Hope to see you there. Children will have their own regular kid’s church.

Connection Group Fair

Interested in getting connected but not sure which group is right for you? Come check out our Connection Group Fair where you can; meet the leaders, ask questions, hear more about the subject, and more. Our connection group fair is Sunday, March 5th from 9:45-10:00 (before service) and for 20 minutes following service.

Rev. Casey McDorman accepts role as senior pastor

I am pleased to announce, that Rev. Casey McDorman has accepted our invitation, by today’s vote of the congregation, to be the pastor of New Vision Church of the Nazarene. The process of calling Pastor Casey as our next pastor has been a healthy and spiritual journey for all of us, however, it is not an end but a beginning, as God continues to clarify our mission and ministry through Pastor Casey’s leadership.

As we welcome, Pastor Casey, Jamie, Jason and Kylee, let’s bathe them in prayer and ask for God’s blessing to be poured out on them.

Fred LaPlante, Church Board Secretary
New Vision Church of the Nazarene

Behind the Scenes – Kids Message Series for February 2017

In Kid’s Church this month, the theme is, Behind the Scenes: Finding Love in Every Story. Here’s what the kids will be learning each week-


This week we will learn to love others because Jesus loves you. As kids lean about Jesus’ sacrificial love for us, I pray they will start to understand how they can show love sacrificially to the people in their lives. When we being to see our potential to love in light of Jesus’ love for us, we will understand that showing love, even when it is difficult, is worth all the effort.

This week we will learn to comfort others who are hurting. We meet people everyday who need comfort. We pray that as kids discover how Jesus showed love in comforting his disciples during the storm, they will start to become aware of ways they can show love and comfort to people in their lives. We can all learn to encourage people in our lives and show them how much God cares about their needs.

This week we will learn to give to others who are in need. As we start to see others the way God sees them, we will become more aware of their needs. We have opportunities everyday to help others meet their needs. This can be as simple as lending a pencil to a friend or offering to share apart of our lunch. It’s amazing how kids will start to show love to others when they become aware of the needs around them.

This week we will learn to love others because they matter to God. We won’t always get along with everyone we meet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of God’s love. Through this story, we pray that kids will see that all people matter to God, and we should show His love to everyone we meet.

Pastoral Candidate Announcement

In consultation with Dr. Jeren Rowell, our District Superintendent, the church board has voted unanimously to extend a call to Rev. Casey McDorman to be our next pastor, and as such, to place his name in nomination before the congregation, for election by the members of the church. This step was taken after seeking the direction of the Lord in prayer and fasting. The board has also held several interviews with the McDormans as well as interviews with other candidates.

Rev. McDorman has accepted the nomination of the board and has agreed to place his name before the church. This election, by ballot, will be open to all members of the New Vision Church of the Nazarene who are at least fifteen years of age. The vote will take place on Sunday morning February 5, 2017, during the morning worship service.

We will hold a congregational meeting this Thursday evening, January 19 at 7:00 pm in which Pastor McDorman and his wife, Jamie, will meet the church and will share with us their testimonies, his vision for ministry and his pastoral experiences. There will be a time of questions and answers between the McDormans and those in attendance.

We encourage all of our New Vision family to join us for this meeting and to continue in earnest prayer for the selection of our new pastor.

Fred LaPlante
Secretary of the Board
New Vision Church of the Nazarene

3rd & 4th Grade District Lock-In

Our district is having a great lock-in just for 3rd and 4th graders at the Westside Church of the Nazarene. The cost is $20 per student. We will be meeting at New Vision at 6:15 pm on Feb. 3rd and returning at 8:30 am on Feb. 4th. If you would like more information contact Pastor Catie at 816-266-3354.     Register Now

5th & 6th Grade Mall Scavenger Hunt

Mark your calendars and start making plans now to join us for this unique experience on January 27th from 6-9PM. We will meet at the church and head out for local mall to enjoy an evening of fellowship and fun while we are on the hunt. See Pastor Catie for more details.

Sacred Pathways (message series)

Starting January 15th, Pastor Ken is doing a 4 week message series on the book “Sacred Pathways” by Gary Thomas.  Are you envious of the way that some people seem to walk closely with God? Gary Thomas insists that it’s better to discover the path God designed you to take–a path marked by growth and fulfillment, based on your unique temperament. In Sacred Pathways, he strips away the frustration of a one-size-fits-all spirituality and guides you toward a style of relating to God that frees you to be you.

In conjunction with the message series, our winter connection groups (for both adults and kids) will study the same topic.

Please join us for worship Sundays at 10 a.m.

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Brain Games – Kids Message Series for January 2017

In Kid’s Church, starting January 1st, Pastor Catie will be leading the children in a learning series, Brain Games: Know More. Do More. Here’s what the kids will be learning each week-


This week we will discover what God says helps you to know Jesus. The entire Bible points to Jesus. If you want to get to know Jesus, read what the writers of the Bible say about Him. We want kids to understand that the Bible is the key to knowing more about Jesus.

This week we will learn what God says is the most important thing we need to know. We need to keep learning what God says through His words. Through reading the Bible, we can hear what God wants us to know about the best way to live and in the process discover how to have a forever relationship with Him.

This week we will discover what God says helps you to follow Jesus. The more we read God’s Word, the more we understand about who Jesus is and why He came to earth. God’s Word gives us clarity for what it means to believe in Jesus and follow Him with our lives.

This week we will discover what God says helps you to make wise choices. When we read God’s word, we discover the truth about what God wants for our lives. And when we know that, it makes it easier for us to make the wise choice. We want kids to know God’s word and be able to use it to resist the temptation to do something wrong.

This week we will learn that when you don’t know what God says, ask. Even when you know God’s word, you may have questions about what God is doing in your life. We want kids to know that no question is too big for God. We pray that churches are creating environments where kids feel safe to ask hard questions about their faith. Let kids know that God will respond to their questions with love.

Put a Bow on it – Kid’s Message Series for December

In Kid’s Church, starting December 4th, Pastor Catie will be leading the children in a learning series, Put a Bow on it. Here’s what the kids will be learning each week-


This week we will learn that we can have joy because God keeps his promises. We don’t always see the bigger story that God is telling through our lives. But when we remember how God has kept His promise to us in the past, we realize that we can trust God with our future.

This week we will learn that we can have joy because anything is possible with God. Knowing that God can do the impossible has the possibility to fuel our joy. God may not always choose to do the impossible right away or at all, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t faithful. God can give us joy as we learn and grow during those impossible seasons of life.

This week we will learn that we can have joy because God sent his son. Christmas lights and presents are fun and can bring joy during the Christmas season. But none of that compares to the joy we experience when we believe that Jesus is God’s Son.

Christmas Day, one service at 10am, no kids church, kids will be in the main service.

Advent: the first season of the Christian church year


Join us for Advent season, starting Sunday, Nov. 27th and running through Christmas Day. What is Advent? Advent is the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays. It is the expectation of the arrival, the birth, of our Savior, Jesus Christ. A time of longing and yearning for the Light of the world.

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