Starting September 8th we will be kicking off our study on “Making Space”. This is the practical application to complement the sermon series “Making Disciples.” The best way to go through this book is in community. We have options for you!

Option 1: Join a B.A.S.E. Group today. We have groups that meet almost every evening during the week. Contact Discipleship Pastor Jamie ( today and she can help get you connected to a B.A.S.E. Group.

Option 2: Sign up for the class today. Pastor Casey will be teaching two classes. Each class meets once a week for eight weeks.

Thursday mornings from 10 am-11 am or Sunday afternoons from 4 p.m.-5 p.m.

(Click here to sign up for one)

What do I need to bring to the B.A.S.E. Group or class? 

You need to bring a copy of the book “Making Space” by Jeff Vanderstelt. 

Available on Amazon or Lifeway for about $14.

It is very important to have your own copy as it is a daily devotional bible study through the book of Proverbs with practical applications to work on and then report your experiences to the group or class each week.