It is not enough to just be connected to God. Jesus himself told us to love God AND to love others. If you have discovered God’s love and forgiveness, you are connected to God. Now it is time to connect with others and keep growing!

It is our mission to help you to become a Christlike believer and to build genuine relationships. How can you do that? We have found that a weekly gathering of eight to twelve people is a great way to supplement the spiritual growth that happens on Sundays. We call them Connection Groups. Groups meet weekly for twelve week semesters, in homes throughout the Raymore and Belton community. We will offer a new menu of groups every semester, with registration taking place in April, August and December. We invite you to join a group and get plugged in!

What Can I Expect From a Connection Group?

Bible Study & Discussion
Since the Bible is our ultimate guide for daily life, Connection Groups include a time of Bible study. While some groups will focus on one particular book of the Bible, even the groups that are focused on a topic will discover what God says about the topic in the Bible. Many groups use DVD’s featuring teaching by qualified pastors and Bible teachers. However, it is not enough to just listen to a Bible teacher and gather information. We also need to apply the truth found in the Bible to our daily lives. Every group session includes an opportunity for group members to share how they will live out what they have learned.

Every group meeting includes a time of prayer. Group members talk to God about what they have learned and how they are feeling challenged to apply God’s Word. Group members also share personal prayer requests and needs.

When we connect with others, we learn that following Christ is never a private matter, but happens in community with other Christians. While we may know the names of the people who worship with us on Sundays, we cannot develop deep and lasting friendships with everyone. However, in a group of 8 to 12 people, we develop friendships as we share prayer requests and encourage each other to live out God’s truth.

What Groups are Currently Offered?

We have several groups each semester and they change. For the most up to date information, under “FILTER BY” on the right, use the “select category” drop down to select “Connection Groups”. Most recent listings appear first.

How do I Register For a Group?

You can register for a group by turning in a completed Connection Card during a Sunday service. The leader for the group you select will then contact you with information on the location, times and necessary study guides. If you cannot make it to a Sunday service but want to register for a group, send a quick email and let us know which group you are interested in. Be sure to include your contact information.

Connection Groups FAQ

Q: Does it cost anything to register for a Connection Group?

A: There is no registration fee, but you may be required to purchase a study guide for each group. We work to keep the costs for books as low as possible, with most books costing $10-15

Q: Do the groups offer childcare?

A: There is no organized childcare. Many parents hire sitters or arrange schedules to accommodate for childcare. However, some groups may arrange within the group to care for the group members’ children. Please contact the group leader to find out if there are arrangements for childcare.

Q: How much study or other preparation is required outside of the group session?

A: Depending on the group, there may be study or other preparation required. To help identify the intensity of the group, each group is given a “voltage” rating. A “low voltage” rating indicates that group members are free to show up and discuss, with no preparation required. A “medium voltage” rating indicates that there is some preparation required, but not more than one hour per week. A “high voltage” rating indicates that group members will spend more than one hour per week for preparation and study. If you have questions about what will be required, please see the group leader.

Q: What if I can’t make it every week?

A: Regular attendance and participation are essential for groups to be successful in 12 weeks. However, we recognize that illness, vacations and other unavoidable scheduling conflicts are bound to arise. If you cannot attend a group meeting, please contact another group member to let them know that you will not be there.