We believe that a healthy, God-honoring church must fulfill five purposes, and must keep all five in balance with each other.

The five purposes of our church are: Evangelism, Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Ministry.

Our describes each of the following purposes, and the order in which they are usually expressed in a person’s life:

New Vision Church exists to help people:
Discover God’s forgiveness and love.

The first part of our mission statement describes what first must happen in a person’s life. In order for someone to really connect with God, they must discover that God loves them, and that he provides forgiveness for their sins and wrongdoings through the death of Jesus. Jesus made it clear in Matthew 28:19-20 that his followers are to go and share the good news of God’s love and forgiveness. We call this evangelism! Christ-style evangelism is never forced conversion or proselytizing, but is simply sharing the good news of God’s love and forgiveness with others.

New Vision Church accomplishes this purpose of evangelism through worship services that are designed to encourage seekers to give their lives to God. We regularly encourage our members to invite their friends to join them at church in order to experience God’s forgiveness and love. We also share the love of Jesus through in our community through Vacation Bible School School, partnering with our local elementary school, a Back to School Bash and other community oriented events.

New Vision Church exists to help people:
Develop into Christlike disciples, while building genuine relationships, in celebration of God’s love.

This portion of our mission statement encompasses three more purposes: discipleship, fellowship, and worship.

. . . Develop into Christlike disciples . . .

It is not enough to intellectually accept that God loves us and forgives us. Jesus told his disciples to “follow me.” We believe that Christianity is not about doing religious activities, but is essentially about becoming more and more like Christ. Christians should really be called Christ-followers and need to live and act like it. The process of growing to be more like Christ is called discipleship.

New Vision Church accomplishes the purpose of discipleship primarily through Connection Groups, teaching messages, and C.L.A.S.S. programs. Connection groups were designed to offer in-depth Bible study, prayer, and caring. Groups meet weekly in homes or at the church and study topics or books of the Bible. We believe that as we read and study the Bible, and then apply its teachings in our lives, we will become more and more like Christ. The Pastor’s messages are not just for seekers and new believers. Every message tries to encourage every Christ-follower to apply new truth to their lives. We also offer a series of seminars in our C.L.A.S.S. program, in which we invite members to make deeper commitments to grow in their faith.

. . . while building genuine relationships . . .

When we read the biblical stories of Christ-followers, we find that they always lived their faith in community with other Christ-followers. The Bible also directs, “ Let us not give up meeting together . . . but let us encourage one another.” (Hebrews 10:25). Christ-followers are supposed to love each other by sharing their lives, the possessions, their time, and their hearts with each other. We call this fellowship.

New Vision Church accomplishes the purpose of fellowship through Connection groups, potlucks, and other formal and informal gatherings. We usually take a few minutes during our worship services to shake hands and share hugs with each other. We encourage our people to arrive early and stay late in order to visit with each other. We sponsor potluck dinners, movie nights and other events specifically to encourage our members to spend time with each other. However, occasional social events are not enough to build deep, lasting relationships. Genuine relationships require an investment of time and energy. We encourage every member to participate in a Connection group where they will meet with a group of people every week. Growing in our faith together, praying together, and holding each other accountable to following Christ are great ways to build deep and lasting relationships.

. . . in celebration of God’s love.

Following Christ should be more about God than us. When we discover God’s love and experience his forgiveness, we will want to thank him, praise him, and love him in return. We call this worship. Most of us think about worship primarily in terms of music. And while music is a great medium for praising God, we also worship through giving, reading Scripture, prayer and service.

New Vision Church accomplishes the purpose of worship through worship services. We use modern, lively music, often combined with older, classic hymns, to give thanks and honor to God. We also call our people to live for God every minute of every day, thereby worshiping him through our very lives.

New Vision Church exists to help people: Demonstrate God’s love through serving and inviting others to accept his love.

When we discover God’s love and then grow in our faith, worship, and relationships with others, we will want to show and share God’s love to others. We call this ministry. When we read about how Jesus’ first followers lived after he went to heaven, we find that everyone got involved, gave something, and shared their gifts and talents with others. God has given every Christ-follower gifts and talents which he then expects us to use in service to others. Teaching, leading, serving, and encouraging are just a few ways God has gifted us to serve. We regularly offer C.L.A.S.S. 301 to help our members discover how they can use their gifts and abilities to serve God. Our members also serve in the community and around the metro area through trips to the KC Rescue Mission.

Our mission statement concludes with a bit of redundancy. We have purposefully concluded our statement with, “inviting others to accept his love.” When a person has discovered God’s forgiveness and love, then has grown in their faith and relationships, they find that following Christ is the best way to live. They then want to help others make the same discovery. And in the end, we who received the ministry of evangelism become givers of the ministry of evangelism to others and the process is completed. Someone has said that the sign of true maturity is the ability to reproduce oneself. At New Vision Church, we believe that the sign of spiritual maturity is to lead another person to accept God and then mentor them in their faith.

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